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Appeal for Harshita Luthra Created by Shanti

Basic Information
Donate By : 31-August-10
Name: Harshita Luthra
Age: 10 years
Sex: Female
Diagnosis: Heart disease
Status: In The Hospital
Filled in by: Others
(I have no personal relations with the family. The moment I saw that child in the NDTV video ( http://bit.ly/aS9HoC ) I fell in love with her and I just cant bear the thought of her death. So my only reason for being involved with this case(despite my exam going on) is my love for cute and lovable children)
the patient is suffering from a heart disorder since her birth. In technical language it is called- VSD (ventricular septal defect).. that means there is some problem with the wall (Ventricular septum) that divides two chambers of heart The doctors also said that there is some defect in her pulmonary artery & Aorta. More detailed info about her medical problem here- http://shantihp.posterous.com/save-an-innocent-life That particular heart surgery is totally not possible in India. It will take place in the Child Hospital BOSTON (USA) Apart from the $88510 surgery expense, there will be 10 days extra stay in Hospital @$3300 per day, total of 45 days stay in BOSTON @ $40 per person per day, and then there will be huge expenses in medicines and back and forth air-fare for three persons.. All this will cost the family around Rs. 70 lac
Appeal Summary
Thanks to many individuals we have managed to collect Rs.2000000 from our OFFLINE campaign. We need some more. Please join hands with me to save this innocent,cute child...plzzzz Please donate some money from your daily expenses. Rs. 200 or Rs. 400 is not a big deal even for students like us. So I know that even a casual surfer visiting this page has the capacity to donate at least Rs. 200 (more is always most welcome). And believe me, your meagre Rs. 200 can go a long way in saving that innocent life. So I just request you with folded hands Please Join hands with me Help me save that cute childs life. I will be forever indebted to you for your little help

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Interview of the Parent/Patient )
Document - 2  ( Interview of the Parent/Patient )

Family Background
Job: Works in Reliance Life Insurance
Head Of The Family: Amit Luthra
Office/Colleague's Address
 Mr. Herman (RLI), Garhshankar Branch Una Road
Telephone: 9316021234
E-mail Id: Not Available
Residential Address
: WS 433 Satrah Mohalla, Near Bada Gurudwara
  Basti Sheitk
Telephone: 9781699996
Total Monthly Income: RS 6000
Earning members: 1

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Interview of the Patient's/Parent's employer )

Disease Description
VSD (ventricular septal defect)- that means there is some problem with the wall (Ventricular septum) that divides two chambers of heart The doctors also said that there is some defect in her pulmonary artery & Arota

the treatment will take place in the Child Hospital BOSTON (USA)

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Medical Record )

Hospital Details
Hospital Name : Narayan Hrudalaya Hospital
Address : Bommasandra Industrial Area ,
District Name : Bangalore Urban district
State Name : Karnataka
Country Name : India-110025
Contact Number: 8027835001
Doctor Name: Dr DEVI SHETTY

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Hospital Authorisation Letter )
Document - 2  ( Second Opinion )

Fund Requirement
Fund Already Spent by Family : RS 300000
Fund Requirement : RS 6000000
Fund Collected so far: RS 4417300
Fund Shortage: RS 1582700

Donor NamePledged AmountReceived AmountReceived On
vishwanathanRs. 10000Rs. 1000013-06-2010
R ChandrasekarRs. 1000Rs. 500027-07-2010
ChandramohanRs. 1000Rs. 200021-06-2010
vipul malviyaRs. 200Rs. 30021-06-2010
External Funds

Donor NamePledged AmountReceived AmountReceived On
many OFFLINE donorsRs. 200000Rs. 20000006-07-2010
Manoranjan Kalia (MLA in Punjab Govt.)Rs. 100000Rs. 10000023-07-2010
a foreign donor who wishes to remain anonymouRs. 1500000Rs. 150000023-07-2010
many OFFLINE donorsRs. 2600000Rs. 260000023-07-2010

Supporter's NameSupported On
Shanthi Krishnamurthi13 Jun 2010
shashank20 Jun 2010
Rajasekar Natarajan28 Jul 2010

Volunteer NameFor The Validation Type
 Dr. Sai LakshmiInterview of the Patient's/Parent's employer
Medical Records
Document - 1 
Hospital Authorisation Letter
Document - 1 
Interview of the Parent/Patient
Document - 1 
Document - 2 
Second Opinion
Document - 1 
Interview of the Patient/Parent's employer
Document - 1 
Other Documents
Validation TypeStatus
Seen/Met the PatientNO
Met or Spoke to the DoctorNO
Met/Spoke to the Patient's ColleagueYES
Visited Patient's ResidenceYES
Spoken to the Patient/Family memberYES
Comments ( 18 )
On 4th August, at 4:30 pm, IST, Harshita's Operation has been successfully performed by the concerned Doctors there :D Now she is in recovery period. Still post-surgical recovery expenses of around Rs. 15 lac INR is required.

My heartiest thanks to Mr. R. Chandrasekar for his donation for this noble cause...

But apart from Surgery cost there is some more expenses involved in to-and-fro air Fare for 3 persons, medicines(medicines are not included in the Surgery cost) and 6 weeks stay there. So there is a need of at least 15-20 lacs more for the family.

By now, the parents have been able to collect around Rs. 44 lacs. So Surgery cost is there with them, so there are going ahead for the Surgery

the details of the amount raised through external efforts were deleted by mistake, so I reentered them collectively. So dates of receiving must have changed a bit but the total amount collected is rightly given here.

The family is getting some encouraging responses. The father of Harshita has received a letter from President Office and a noble person has wished to donate 33000$ directly to d Hospital :D

The family has not been able to collect the required amount. So I have changed (increased) the completion date to 31st August.

I have received confirmation from two more donors that they have deposited the money in the Account, I will update the same here as soon as possible.... THANKS..

Thanks to Mr. Vishwanathan for his financial help and his concern for saving the life of the innocent child. I urge more people to come forward to give her a new life

I am unable to make any contribution online...can someone help with the process

When you click on donate a window pops up and an email is sent to the fundraiser who will then get in touch with you. Have sent you an email to regarding this

I repeat, for full,detailed medical reports and/or Newspaper Reports visit here- http://shantihp.posterous.com/save-an-innocent-life

I have medical documents of ESCORTS Hospitals but the most recent treatment took place in NARAYAN HRUDAYALAYA Hospital, Bangalore under Dr. Devi Shetty and this is what I have mentioned in the HOSPITAL DETAILS part.... But I was not able to upload the reports from this Hospital despite various attempts, So I chose to upload the reports of ESCORTS HOSPITAL. But anyway, if someone is interested in the medical details then he can visit this page- http://shantihp.posterous.com/save-an-innocent-life On this page, all medical documents are given in the bottom part.

some mistake above, the the first line should be like- "I have uploaded....". the word "uploaded" is left by mistake.

I could try procuring second opinion for you. But you need to upload the medical record. I am not able to access the one you have uploaded

Thanks Mam, all the related info will be updated within 1 hour from now and all the discrepancies too will be taken care of...

Hospital authorization states it would cost approximately 88,510USD which is approximately 4,200,000 INR. Why are you raising funds for 7,000,000 INR?

now u can see above the approximate details of the expense amounting to about 70 lac

Authentication Score
Funds Needed
RS 6,000,000
Funds Raised
RS 4,417,300

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