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Appeal for S.vasanth kumar Created by Charles - Ekam Foundation

Basic Information
Donate By : 31-October-10
Name: S.vasanth kumar
Age: 14 years
Sex: Male
Diagnosis: Breathing and lung related problems
Status: Discharged
Filled in by: Others
(The parents were referred by Dr.Bala Ramachandran in KKCTH.)
Vasanthakumar got discharged on 6th august 2010.
Appeal Summary
Vasanth kumar is 7 yrs old. He has been admitted in ICU, Child Trust Hospital Chennai with intractable pneumonia. He is suffering from severe fever and clod from july 2nd onwards. He was treated by local doctors and after that they were referred to KKCTH on 14.06.10. He need to stay in the hospital for further investigations like CT chest and must undergo treatment for one week. The approximate cost of treatment is likely to be Rs.70, 000. Father of vasanth kumar is an agricultural laborer with a monthly salary of around Rs2,500. He is the only earning member of the family. They have already spent Rs.30,000 for the child's treatment(the bills are available with the parents and validated )by way of pawned jewellery's and borrowing money by mortgaging the House. They are not in a position to raise another Rs.70,000 for the medical treatment. Parents have approached WWS as well for Financial Support. They need all the help they can muster.

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Interview of the Parent/Patient )

Family Background
Job: Agricultural Laborer
Head Of The Family: Selvam
Office/Colleague's Address
 Chandra sekar-No:13,1st Block,
 Nagurar Garden,New washermenPet,
 Tamil Nadu,
Telephone: 9841116287
E-mail Id: Not Available
Residential Address
: No:335,sidatur grammam,
  Vayalakavur( post)
  Tamil Nadu,
Telephone: 9445408382
Total Monthly Income: RS 2500
Earning members: 1

Authenticated Documents

No Documents

Disease Description
Intractable Pnemonia

Need PICU for at least 1 weeek.

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Medical Record )

Hospital Details
Hospital Name : Kanchi Kama Koti Childs Trust Hospital
Address : No:12-a,Nageswara Road, , Nungambakkam
District Name : Chennai
State Name : Tamil Nadu
Country Name : India-600034
Contact Number: 28259633
Doctor Name: Dr.Bala Ramachandran

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Hospital Authorisation Letter )
Document - 2  ( Second Opinion )

Fund Requirement
Fund Already Spent by Family : RS 30000
Fund Requirement : RS 70000
Fund Collected so far: RS 0
Fund Shortage: RS 70000
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External Funds
No Records Found
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Volunteer NameFor The Validation Type
mrs.gayathriragavendra raoSecond Opinion
Medical Records
Document - 1 
Hospital Authorisation Letter
Document - 1 
Interview of the Parent/Patient
Document - 1 
Second Opinion
Document - 1 
Interview of the Patient/Parent's employer
Not Available
Other Documents
Validation TypeStatus
Seen/Met the PatientYES
Met or Spoke to the DoctorYES
Met/Spoke to the Patient's ColleagueYES
Visited Patient's ResidenceNO
Spoken to the Patient/Family memberYES
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Authentication Score
Funds Needed
RS 70,000
Funds Raised
RS 0

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