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Basic Information
Donate By : 31-August-10
Name: M.Abarna
Age: 7.10 years
Sex: Female
Diagnosis: Heart disease
Status: Discharged
Filled in by: Others
(The parents were referred to Ekam Foundation by the doctor.)
She is got Discharged.
Appeal Summary
Abarna is a four month baby, suffering from a heart problem which is life threatening. Her condition is called as “blue baby” which means she gains blue colour (due to lack of oxygen) and have repeated lung infections. She needed a surgical correction and was hence operated upon. However as she was brough in late there are quite a few complications needing atleast one more month of hospitalization.She was referred for the surgery from ICH,Egmore under the Illam Sirar Thittam. She underwent the corrective surgery on 05.04.2010.Her early post operative period was smooth and was off ventilatory support on 11.04.10.As she has been ventilator dependent for a long time, her recovery will be gradual and she is likely to need ICU stay for at least for a one month. Because of her complicated surgery and prolonged hospital stay, her medical bills would exceed Rs.3,00,000/-The funding available so far is Rs.1,40,000/-Manickam - father of abarna - is an agricultural labourer and earns around Rs. 2000/- per month. He has pawned his wife’s jewellery and also borrowed money from others. Some of which was used Abarna’s treatment some for taking care of their stay arrangement in Chennai. They have been in Chennai for the past three months (that is how long Abarna has been in the ICU). Father has now taken up a job of stone crushing in a quarry in Chennai to take care of their needs (stay, food, transportation, etc). The entire family is really struggling to provide the best medical care for their child. Both the husband and wife many a times skip lunch to save on money. They need all our support in raising Rs.1, 60,000 /- for Abarna’s treatment.The baby have also been referred to WWS for financial support.

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Interview of the Parent/Patient )

Family Background
Job: Agricultural Labourer (Cooly)
Head Of The Family: Manickam
Office/Colleague's Address
 Pounraj, 5/41,sippi parai(po),ilayarasanantha
 Tamil Nadu,
Telephone: 09976448140
E-mail Id: Not Available
Residential Address
: 5/41,sippi parai(po),ilayarasananthar(via)
  Tamil Nadu,
Telephone: 9688450763
Total Monthly Income: RS 1500
Earning members: 1

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Interview of the Patient's/Parent's employer )

Disease Description
Transposition of great arteries,VSD. Condition of 'Blue baby' where in heart is not circulating oxygenated red blood. It leads to constant lung infection and acidosis

Need ICU stay for at least two weeks. On ventillator and medication being provided

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Medical Record )

Hospital Details
Hospital Name : MIOT
Address : 4/112,Mount Poonamallee road , Manapakkam
District Name : Chennai
State Name : Tamil Nadu
Country Name : India-600089
Contact Number: 04422492288
Doctor Name: Dr.Robert coelho

Authenticated Documents

Document - 1  ( Hospital Authorisation Letter )

Fund Requirement
Fund Already Spent by Family : RS 7000
Fund Requirement : RS 300000
Fund Collected so far: RS 194717
Fund Shortage: RS 105283

Donor NamePledged AmountReceived AmountReceived On
K SubalakshmiRs. 2000Rs. 200027-07-2010
obiewanRs. 5000Rs. 500003-08-2010
ShanthiRs. 1000Rs. 100001-08-2010
R ChandrasekarRs. 1000Rs. 200012-07-2010
External Funds

Donor NamePledged AmountReceived AmountReceived On
Insurance and individualsRs. 140000Rs. 14000030-06-2010
Women's Welfare SyndicateRs. 44717Rs. 4471718-08-2010

Supporter's NameSupported On
Shanthi01 Jul 2010
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Medical Records
Document - 1 
Hospital Authorisation Letter
Document - 1 
Interview of the Parent/Patient
Document - 1 
Second Opinion
Not Available
Interview of the Patient/Parent's employer
Document - 1 
Other Documents
Validation TypeStatus
Seen/Met the PatientYES
Met or Spoke to the DoctorYES
Met/Spoke to the Patient's ColleagueYES
Visited Patient's ResidenceNO
Spoken to the Patient/Family memberYES
Comments ( 1 )
I met with the doctor and the patient's father today. The appeal is genuine. Have uploaded the interview transcript of the patient's father. Also spoke to his neighbour over phone to validate the family background.

Authentication Score
Funds Needed
RS 300,000
Funds Raised
RS 194,717

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